Reviewer: Donald Sanders
Review type: Rod 
Company: Southern Custom Rods
Rating : Very Good
MSRP: $179-$239
Over the last month and a half I have had the opportunity to test a brand new line of rods from Southern Custom Rods. Although owner and builder Dominic Bernardoni has only been building rods for a short time, he has mastered the art of rod building and has taken his first line of rods to the next level. 

At first glance you can see the rod is very well built but once you get it in your hands, you know for a fact that these rods are made to perform and last. Each rod is made using a Hydra SFD blank, Kigan guides, pac bay skeleton reel seats, and to finish it off EVA foam. Southern Customs provides anglers with 16 different rods to choose from, which covers almost every technique needed for a great day on the water.
 SCCB-(model number) 7,11 hvy mod fast micro 
SCCB 7, medium mod fast micro 
SCAP 6’8 medium hvy fast action micro 
SCAP 6’10 medium x fast micro 
SCAP 7’ medium hvy fast micro 
SCAP 7’ hvy fast micro 
SCAP 7’2 medium hvy fast micro 
SCAP 7’3 medium hvy fast micro 
SCAP 7’3 hvy fast micro 
SCFGl 7’4 hvy mod fast micro 
SCFL 7’7 xxx heavy mod fast (spiral wrap) micro RECOIL 
SCFL 7’7 xx heavy mod fast (spiral wrap) micro RECOIL 
SCFL 7’7 x heavy mod fast (spiral wrap) micro RECOIL 
SCSH- 6’10 mag med-lt x fast micro spinning 
SCWR 7’ medium fast micro guides spinning 
SCSH 6’10 mag med-lt x fast (casting 

The rod that I tested was their 7'3" med heavy fast action rod. The rod has proven to be a great "all around rod" as most med heavy rods tend to be. Compared to most med heavy rods this one is a little bit heavier on the tip, which can be both a pro and a con for it, but so far i have not had any trouble with. This rod is very light, which will help you to not get fatigued after a full days use. When a fish hits this model loads up very nicely and handled each fish caught with ease. At $179 these rods are well worth the price considering the quality components and craftsmanship put into this line. The handle length on this rod is a little short for my liking but it did grow on me. Lastly, the warranty that Southern Custom Rods is second to none. They pride themselves on their customer service and "no questions asked" warranty. For ordering or warranty information contact Dom at

One of my favorite baits to throw throughout the entire year would have to be a jig. They are versital, productive, and can produce fish is most all conditions. This year I was blessed to become a part of the 4g bait co. team and have the chance to fish these top of the line jigs. Gmoney jigs have some of the best color schemes I have seen on a jig in a long time, paired with sharpe heavy duty hooks, pair these with ur trailer of choice and you will have one of the best jigs on the market . Here are some pictures of the fish I have caught using gmoney jigs.

As you can see gmoney jigs not only look great but they produce fish. If you don't think so ask Jared litner or Cody Meyer both of which fish gmoney. You can pick your gmoney jigs up at: among numerous other shops and online sites.

Are you having a tough time figuring out how to catch some pigs before the spawn begins?  When the lakes and reservoirs water temperatures begin to rise, you can bet that fish will be on the prowl knowing that the spawn is about to begin.  This is also known as the most wonderful time of the year to many fishermen. Many fish that were down deep for the winter have come up into shallower waters looking to eat and spawn.  This is when I love to throw a squarebill crankbait and pull tons of fish from the water as well as some absolute giants! I had a great day on the water recently with a 6th Sense 50x Crush Sqaurebill in Chartreuse Threadfin Shad color.  I found water ranging in 5' to 10' and started pounding the bank with this bait.  After finding this depth range, I kept a moderate and steady retrieve.  When the crankbait would bump off of any structure, they would slam it and I would haul them in the boat.  If you want to have a banner day as well, visit and you can get some of these bass catching machines.  They have some of the most life-like action and appearance that fool even the weariest of bass.  So tap into your "6th Sense" of bass fishing and get you a  6th Sense Lure Co. 50x Crush Squarebill !Check out this video from my day that shows a little bit of this action!
Hope you enjoy and tight line
-Will "The Kid" Cooper

Big Hawg Baits creates customized bass fishing baits - true pro bass baits - for bass anglers across the country.  From killer craw-style soft baits to fantastic finesse style baits, serious bass anglers fully appreciate the unique colors and super-powered scents associated with Big Hawg Baits.  

In the video below, viewers will see how the Big Hawg Craw looks and functions in water.  Big Hawg Baits are available on, but anglers can also find the Big Hawg Craw. 
The Hawg Hunter Mop Jig is a 3/4 oz flippin Jig with custom paint, rattles and a BIG Living skirt. We paired this beast up with our 5" Big Hawg Craw for a BEAST of a presentation that no bass can resist. This bait is bound to get that kicker you need to put you over the top.
Amphibia Sports, manufacturer of Amphibia Sunglasses, has a strong line of stylish, durable, and comfortable sunglasses that float.  Yes, there I said it: they float!  No more leaning over to snag a bass and your glasses descend to the murky bottom of your favorite fishery.  No, instead of vanishing into nothingness, creating additional frustration and unwanted stress, your Amphibia Sunglasses will float, making them readily accessible in the water. will add Amphibia Sunglasses to the website sometime next week.  If you haven't seen the Depth Chargers (easily one of bass anglers's favorite styles), they are featured at the beginning of this video.  Check it out and stay tuned. Amphibia Sports will be a part of the Mega 2014 Contest in a few weeks. 

When thinking of bass fishing in winter, many anglers would opt to stay home, but with a little research and planning you can have a very productive day on the water!  Here's how ...

First, let's start this brief guide with a discussion about the bass fishing gear a bass angler will need to be successful in this cold water endeavor. When fishing a drop shot, as with other bass fishing techniques, an angler wants to get the most out of his or her rod: lightweight and sensitive, with a solid, yet flexible backbone. Considering these characteristics, I opt to use a Denali finesse rod, specifically the Denali Jadewood 7' Medium Power Dropshot rod. Not only does this rod exhibit all of the previously mentioned features, but its affordability is exceptional, especially considering its high quality construction and premium performance.  
Shimano reels manufactures the best quality spinning reel. My personal favorite go-to spinning reels for bass fishing is a Shimano Stradic CI4+ 1000. This  remakarable reel is everything an angler will ever need for dropshot, splitshot, shakeyhead, or for weightless stick baits fished in a finesse style. Every angler has his/her favorite drop shot hooks and drop shot weights, and I use various companies and different sizes (depending on the situation).  

Fishing line, too, matters.  I typically use 25-30lb braid (less stretch, great strength) with a flurocarbon leader (usually 8-12lb depending on the presence of line-breaking cover/structure).   Use a double uni-knot to tie the braid and flurocarbon together. 

My bass fishing worms - my soft baits, specifically - typically come from one bass fishing company: STNT Bait Company.  This custom bait company manufacturers unbelievable hand-poured worms.  I've yet to find a company that can create such appealing soft plastic lures.  I mean, the durability and quality ... second to none! Oh, and if you want serious soft baits in a variety of traditional and custom colors, these are the worms you should check out on

When fishing a drop shot rig, i like to fish either a 6" or 4" straight body worm or flipping worm. And last lets talk about line; there are many company's with all different types of line that you can through on your reel. T. 

Now we move onto where we find these cold water fish. During winter the fish are going to slow way down and eat less, in order to conserve energy. The areas that are going to hold fish are going to be points, rocks, or deep humps. The fish should hold in the 15-30 foot range, but can also be found deeper. Bass follow the bait and the bait will go deep in the cold weather. When casting on this structure make sure not to move the bait like you normally would when drop shotting: let your soft bait sit for a bit then slowly start dragging it back to the boat. If you are jigging soft bait worms all over the place, the bass are less likely to bite, as they don't want to have to work so hard for a meal, but when you are dragging slowly if the bait is in their face longer, just enough to get them mad or just interested, they will typically strike.  A lot of the time these bass in colder water will pressure bite, meaning they wont hit it with power, they will simply suck it in and sit there. If you feel pressure, set the hook! More times then not it's a fish. When setting the hook on light line don't try for the hook set award, all you have to do is reel up and pull into the bass and your on! 

If you follow these guideline during the winter you should be able to catch bass when most people wont, have confidence in what you are doing and your will surely have success this winter. God bless and tight lines. One quick reminder: be sure to use your electronics often.  Because bass can be so difficult to locate during colder months, electronics become a major contributor to an angler's success.  

Feel free to contact me with any question at
-Donald Sanders
Brian Long of LMD Marine in Rockall, Texas, received promo sponsorship via and received all this amazing Bassaholics gear.  Looks like he has on his computer in the background!  And ... two Denali Rods are in the picture, too.  If you need any boat work and you live in North Texas, Brian Long and LMD Marine should be your next stop.  Bass anglers want their boats fixed right, fixed quick.  Brian can accomplish both goals for you.  Man, someone celebrated Christmas in style. 

Bassaholics Apparel is available on
Jeff Wallace from V&M Baits, Legends Boats, and Jeff Wallace Designs whacking largemouth bass on Falcon Lake with V&M Baits.  Though the bass bite was stifled to a certain degree (no pun intended), due to a massively sweeping cold front that pulled fish off beds, Jeff and his partner managed to slam some real HAWGS during their trip.  

V&M Baits has some of the best soft plastics, jigs, and spinnerbaits available for bass fishing.  Bass anglers across the globe can access these baits by visiting, which is a proud supporter and seller of V&M's outstanding bass fishing lures.  Get ready for serious pre-spawn and spawn bass fishing with a variety of lures to be introduced in the coming weeks.  

Additionally, V&M will be a part of's 2014 Mega Contest to celebrate's awaited opening.  

Pro Bass Bait is growing quickly, with new editors and contributors added daily.  Please share with all of your friends, family members ... with anyone who enjoys bass fishing as much as we do.  Bass fishing is a way of life for many of us, and none of this would be possible without the help of - the future of online bass fishing tackle.  

Additionally, we have a major contest brewing that will include the following bass fishing companies: Denali Rods, Man vs. Bass, G-Money Jigs, Krypton Lures, Amphibia Sunglasses, NW Custom Lures, Big Hawg Baits, V&M Baits, and more.  Stay tuned for contest requirements and rules: there will be TEN winners in this contest, so this isn't one of those lame one-person-winner contests.  No, ten lucky people will win!  

The contest will begin when officially opens for business, which is in 3-4 weeks.  However, contest rules and requirements will be posted prior to opening day; thus, allowing bass anglers to get a head start on a lengthy competition.  The pre-spawn period isn't far away, so everyone is stocking up on bass fishing lures, bass rods, reels, and more.  This contest is a great way to start 2014 with free stuff.  

If you can't remember how to tie a Palomar knot or want to learn, then here is a quick informative video to help you out! 
We hope that you find this video and picture very helpful and good luck on the water!
Drawing of how to tie a Palomar Knot
-Will "The Kid" Cooper